City of Cazin Committed to Creating Opportunities for Youth Through Youth Strategy

The City of Cazin is determined to improve the lives of young people and is showing commitment to this goal by developing a youth strategy. Working groups have been identifying youth-focused programs and activities and defining the youth issues they intend to target. During their latest meeting, the Coordinating Body and working groups continued working on developing this strategic document.

The meeting featured a presentation of key findings from the Analysis of the Position and Needs of the Youth of the City of Cazin, which will soon be available to the general public. The analysis provided members of the working groups with valuable data on young people’s perceptions and opinions about the availability of scholarships, work placements during education, interest in starting a business, housing issues, health care, access to informal education, and safety in their city. The working groups will use this data to identify key issues that will be targeted and outline the activities and expected results, which will ultimately give young people in Cazin access to more opportunities. The planned results and activities will be incorporated into the Action Plan, which will be an integral part of the youth strategy.

At this stage, the working groups already have clear guidelines for addressing some of the issues holding the youth of Cazin back.

According to the latest population census from 2013, young people make up 23.3% of the population in the city of Cazin, making it one of the communities with the largest proportion of young people. It is, therefore, crucial to use the youth strategy and offer programs and activities that will benefit these young people.

The youth strategy will open new pathways for working with young people and offer them new opportunities for employment, informal education, and participating in culture and sports.

A youth strategy is a document intended to guide government efforts in youth care, developed and adopted by each level of government in the Federation of BiH in cooperation with youth representatives and based on a thorough analysis of the current position and needs of young people.

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