CALL FOR APPLICATION: International Festival of High School Theatre Juventafest 2014

Institute for Youth Development KULT had supported the activites of the first 2013 Juventafest. This year the festival continues its work, and the following is a call for application for groups participating Juventafest 2014.

Every high school level drama and theatre troupes are eligible for participation. Every participant on stage (actors, choir members, dance troupes and musicians) must be of a high school age.  Preferably, but not necessarily following production sections should be of the same age group (Set design, sound design, light design, costumes design, hair and make-up design etc.). In order to be considered for participation performances should not last less then 30 minutes (maximum length boundary is not set). Every candidate troupe in order to be considered for participation must deliver a quality recording of their performance (DVD format exclusively). Recording must be made in one master shot  from a single camera position and unedited.

Our official festival selector Mrs. Asja Krsmanovi? will select up to eight performances for our festival’s competition/main selection.

Festival lasts for five days. Besides competition program, this festival takes great attention of its educational program. Four workshops in performing arts will be organized for our participants. Attending to all programs of our festival is mandatory for all participants. Contempt of these rules will be noted, as well as other forms of participant’s behavior (cooperation with hosts, other troupes or participants, overall impression, etc.). It will influence troupe’s final evaluation and can lead to sanctions, disqualifying or other form of repercussions.

Our official festival jury will consist of three members chosen among theatre experts, dramaturges, theatre actors, directors, and authors strongly involved in theatrical education.

According to our rules, jury will weigh their decision for the following festival awards: 

     Grand Prix for The Best Festival Performance

    Special Award for an Innovative Approach in Theatrical Arts.

Rules mentioned above can be subject of changes and amendments by festival organization at their own discretion.

Organization will provide meals and accommodation for all participants during the festival.

Theatre troupes must arrange and fund their transportation on their own.

Association „Medija – Art“  is the only legitimate organizer of International Festival of High School Theatre Juventafest.

Online application form can be found on our official web page: or . Application can be sent by mail: or

Application deadline is March 31st 2014. Deadline for sending DVD recordings is 01. May 1st 2014. Recordings must be sent to the following address: UdruĹľenje/Udruga â€žMedija –  Art“ Ul. Augusta Brauna 14 71000 Sarajevo BiH 

Application form is on this link.



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