BiH Youth Use Art to Raise Awareness of Violence Against Women and Girls

The Institute for Youth Development KULT has been addressing the issue of violence against women and girls for years and celebrates Orange Day – Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women and Girls every month.

The Institute uses different campaigns and activities to draw attention to violence against women and girls, educate youth on how to report and prevent violence and advocate for best solutions to address and eliminate violence against women and girls.

This month, we reflected on last year’s call for artwork on the topic: “Speak up against violence.” This was an excellent opportunity for primary and secondary school students in Bosnia and Herzegovina who think about social change and want to explore how they can pour their ideas into art and contribute to eliminating violence against women and girls. The main goal of this competition was to encourage ethical reflections and engage students in conversations about violence against women and girls.

The Institute received a large number of submissions in response to the call. All the entries were very creative and showed the sad reality of our society.

Young people used art to express their own thoughts, perceptions and knowledge about this problem. Today, women around the world are experiencing rising levels of physical and psychological violence and encountering some form of abuse nearly every day. Recognizing this issue, young people decided to use art to raise awareness about the problem.

Have a look at the winning artwork by brilliant young people HERE.

All the submitted artwork is included in the virtual exhibition and can be viewed HERE.

Young people’s activities, ideas and willingness to act on this issue are the first step in raising awareness about violence against women and girls.

Aktivnosti, ideje i djelovanje mladih ljudi važan su korak naprijed pri podizanju svijesti o problemu nasilja nad ženama i djevojčicama.

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