Assembly of Central Bosnia Canton Adopts First Youth Strategy

Today, the Assembly of Central Bosnia Canton unanimously adopted the Youth Strategy 2022-2027. For young people in the Central Bosnia Canton, this means new programs and opportunities to improve their status. These new programs and opportunities are expected to address youth issues in employment, education, health, social security, culture, and sports. The position of young people can only be improved through collaborative efforts of all relevant institutions and stakeholders, guided by the youth policy.

The strategy emphasizes activities intended to involve young people in decision-making processes, support youth organizations, and develop the youth sector in the canton, and address housing issues faced by young people.

The proposed measures and activities are based on a survey of the needs and problems of young people, and on analyses of existing and previous programs implemented in this canton. The proposed seven strategic goals include key measures such as improving the quality of education by including more practical experience, supporting young people in the labor market and through youth entrepreneurship programs, and implementing various measures and activities to actively involve young people in decision-making processes and enhance cooperation between cantonal authorities and local administrations.

S. Kristo

The process of drafting the first youth strategy the Central Bosnia Canton was spearheaded by the Working Team for the Drafting of the Youth Strategy in the Central Bosnia Canton, in cooperation with the Institute for Youth Development KULT. The process was initiated by Suzana Krišto, a representative in the Assembly of the Central Bosnia Canton.

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