2016-2020 Youth Policy of Republika Srpska Adopted

The National Assembly of Republika Srpska adopted the Proposal of the Youth Policy of Republika Srpska for 2016-2020 during its 13th session held on July 13 and 14, 2016.

The vision of the Youth Policy of Republika Srpska for 2016-2020 are youth, as an equal and active partner to the institutions of Republika Srpska, who live in a safe society of equal opportunities that encourages them to develop their potentials.

As emphasized by Danijela Topi?, the President of the Youth Council of Republika Srpska, during her address in the session of the National Assembly of Republika Srpska, the document stipulates 5 priority areas: youth employment, leisure time, active participation, healthy lifestyles and public support. These areas include segments that are under the authority of several ministries and accordingly require an active inclusion of governmental representatives during the implementation of activities of the Youth Policy of Republika Srpska.

This year, representatives of youth organizations participated in the process of developing the youth policy, unlike the previous years. The development included over 3,000 youth and experts in the areas included in the Youth Policy from all parts of Republika Srpska and through public consultations everyone had free access to this process.

As emphasized by the Youth Council of Republika Srpska, the result of the process is a quality document developed in accordance with the international standards and that youth, representatives of the government and the opposition, evaluated as high quality and an example of how strategic documents should be developed.

“We are aware that the beginning of the activities of the Youth Policy of Republika Srpska requires greater efforts, more work and financial funds that were already planned, but those things have to be invested if we are expecting results. Youth require support at a local level as well in order to be enabled to participate in creating their daily lives for the purpose of improving ourselves and our communities” – stated Topi?.

The Youth Council of Republika Srpska, as the legitimate representative body of youth in Republika Srpska, participated in the overall process, striving to advocate for requirements and ideas of all youth from all over Republika Srpska, will be monitoring the implementation of the Strategy in the following period. 


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