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The Institute for Youth Development KULT and the Faculty of Economy in Sarajevo signed a cooperation agreement formalising their partnership in organising the Sarajevo Innovation Summit 2019, which will be held on October 10, in the City Hall in Sarajevo.

The Faculty of Economy in Sarajevo is once again organising the Innovation Summit, a unique event in Bosnia and Herzegovina. This is one of the proactive ways in which this Faculty interacts with today’s trends. This year, we owe a special thanks to the Institute, because they went beyond financial support and provided all the assistance we needed to organise this year’s Summit, said the Dean of the Faculty of Economy in Sarajevo, Prof. Dr. Jasmina Selimović.

The Sarajevo Innovation Summit will host eminent innovators from the Kingdom of Sweden, as well as local innovators and panelists. The Institute provided financial and advisory support in organising the Summit, and one of the Institute’s employees, Nejra Neimarlija Roić will be one of the panelists.

This type of support and cooperation with the academic community is one of the ways the Institute tried to provide young people with access to modern ways to learn and opportunities to exchange information with experts from across the globe. For years, the Institute has been cooperating with the government, academic community and the business sector, in an attempt to create a better environment for youth in all parts of BiH. This cooperation with the Faculty of Economy is not an act of randomness - every year they offer an increasing number of entrepreneurial and innovation projects relevant to youth, said the Executive Director of the Institute, Jasmin Bešić.

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International Burch University (IBU) and the Institute for Youth Development KULT signed a cooperation agreement aimed at supporting young people in BiH, especially by encouraging them to learn and take part in some of the projects the IBU and the Institute are planning to launch together.

With this agreement, both sides agree to jointly create publications, apply to project calls, organize internships for students, hold various workshops for youth and employees, and share the resources they have available with each other.

“International Burch University will always support any activity that encourages youth to learn and gain new experiences. We aim to be at the vanguard of change and novelties in the education system in our country, because knowledge will always get young professionals where they want to be. We signed this agreement because we want to share knowledge with youth through various trainings and workshops. This deepens the cooperation we already had with the Institute, adding more segments that will allow our students to volunteer and intern on the Institute’s projects”, said Professor Mersid Poturak, Acting Rector of the International Burch University.

IBU has been recognized as an institution that invests heavily into educating high-quality and motivated youth and having access to the Institute’s capacities will make the results all the more effective and meaningful.

 “The Institute for Youth Development KULT is successfully cooperating with many higher education institutions in BiH, which includes the International Burch University, who have been cooperating with us for years. The Institute and IBU want to deepen our cooperation, which is why we are signing this cooperation agreement. We will be implementing projects together, and offering students internships that provide a valuable professional experience. The Institute has been working with youth and for youth for more than 15 years, and this is just one way we’re continuing our efforts to improve their position”, said Katarina Vučković from the Institute for Youth Development KULT.


To ensure the long-term sustainability of our results, the Institute cooperates with all levels of government in BiH and the region while working on developing, amending and adopting laws and other documents, and cooperating with all institutions whose goal is to improve the position of youth.

IBU is in the front line of changing and improving education in BiH, in order to keep youth in BiH by offering them a quality education. IBU also supports entrepreneurship by offering them projects through the Burch Start Up incubator, turning them into entrepreneurs or the drivers of change in the world of business.

This agreement is a formal way of acknowledging our long-standing successful cooperation and activities we conducted together, and an impetus to try even harder and achieve even better results.

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The Institute for Youth Development KULT launched the #necudaidem campaign at the beginning of this year, to draw the attention of government representatives and competent institutions to challenges faced by youth every day, and the problem posed by youth leaving the country in large numbers.

The campaign isn’t telling youth to stay or go, it is intended to draw attention to the need for strategic action aimed at creating an environment that will make young people of BiH want to stay, instead of leaving, because BiH could give them a chance to contribute and live up to their potential.

The ultimate goal is to encourage the competent authorities to take concrete measures to address the fact that youth are leaving this country.

Youth in this country, according to young people themselves, need security and a chance to build a bright future. They need active policies with long-term measures that will define positive approaches to issues that are relevant and most important to youth. They need measures that will define a better educational system, access to the labor market, housing policy, security.

What does this mean in practical terms?

A strategic approach means that active employment measures will not be defined annually. That young people in this country will know that the state will support them in becoming homeowners next year, instead of such decisions being made depending on who’s currently in power and how much they care about youth. That education will have a practical use and that they won’t be afraid to report corruption.

That’s when BiH will be a place where young people want to live and contribute to society.

Today is August 12, International Youth Day, celebrated around the world. While other countries dedicate it to transforming education and new technologies, in BiH it is celebrated in the midst of a mass exodus of youth, unemployment, and lack of access to basic human rights.

This year, like the years before it, BiH celebrates this day burdened by unimplemented laws and lack of strategic documents, while counting young people who are leaving along and the myriad reasons why. In the meantime, no concrete solutions are being offered.

BiH does not have a state-level youth law, and entities are not implementing their Youth Laws entirely. There is no strategic document for youth issues at the state level, either. FBiH also doesn’t have a strategy, and Brčko District is planning to start working on theirs this year. Republika Srpska has been adopting strategies for years, but the question remains - how well are they implemented?

So, does BiH want young people to stay?

Document drafting processes are being announced, themed sessions are being scheduled, issues are being discussed locally, but where are the solutions?

How long should young people wait for some action that will finally make them want to say #necudaidem.

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