IN MEMORIAM: Sead Ušanović (1963-2019)

SejoYouth Officers in Bosnia and Herzegovina are extremely important for the Institute for Youth Development KULT. We ardently believe that by working together on strengthening the role and importance of youth officers we are strengthening government institutions when it comes to their work with youth.

Sead Ušanović supported our efforts to strengthen youth officers since our very beginnings. He was among the first Youth Officers to attend our first trainings, and always had positive things to say about the trainings.

Sejo (as we affectionately called him) is an example of a Youth Officer that was so easy to cooperate with, who both shared and welcomed both suggestions and criticism. Although our cooperation with the Government of Brčko District of BiH has always been excellent, Sejo was our biggest support in communication and partnerships.

Sejo genuinely loved his job, he believed in young people and supported them, he often went above and beyond to give and share opportunities with young people in his city.

We will honor Sejo by making sure that our latest efforts and the activities we planned together are successfully completed, with the help of the suggestions he gave us during our meeting last week.

Our team will always fondly remember Sejo, the great cooperation we had, the opportunities we gave to youth in Brčko, and the joy he always brought into all our interactions with him.

The Institute for Youth Development KULT is extending sincere condolences to the family Ušanović.

Thank you, our dear Sejo, for everything you did for the young people in your beloved Brčko.

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