How Can Youth and Government Change Society Together?

Building stronger societies was the topic of the Western Balkans Youth Conference, held in Priština, March 26-27, 2018, prior to the upcoming Western Balkans Summit which will be held this summer in London, as a part of the Berlin Process.

The conference was intended to contribute to building stronger societies in the region, which is one of the goals of the Berlin Process. Through this conference, the British Council allowed youth and youth organizations from the region to engage in consultations, presentations and work groups, in order to provide suggestions for messages and recommendations about youth and for youth, which will be presented during the summit in London.

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The Institute for Youth Development KULT presented their work, placing special emphasis on establishing a dialogue between youth and decision makers, and the way youth and the government can work together to change the society for the better. The Institute provided suggestions for messages that decision makers in the region and beyond should hear during the summit.

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The conference was held in cooperation with the Regional Youth Cooperation Office RYCO, constituting one very notable result of the Berlin Process.

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