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A call has been issued for the Award of the Small Grants under the WeB4YES project (Western Balkan Civil Society Organizations for Youth Employment Support) supported under the framework of the Civil Society Facility and Media Programme 2016 –2017 - Consolidation of Regional Thematic Networks of CSOs.

The goal of this call is to improve the efficiency of CSOs in the Western Balkans in conducting initiatives to improve youth employment policies and entrepreneurship at the local level. The call is intended to build the capacities of CSOs in the Western Balkans, and improve their participation in public decision making and implementation of innovative initiatives aimed at youth employment, employability and entrepreneurship.

The maximum amount for each individual project is 10,000.00 EUR (the maximum amount of funds awarded by BOŠ is up to 9,000 EUR). The total amount of funds available for the call is 150,000.00 EUR.

In order to meet the eligibility criteria, the applicant and all partners must be:

  • Legal entities;
  • Non-profit entities;
  • CSOs or not-for-profit enterprises;
  • Have a track record in youth work or youth employment/entrepreneurship;
  • Founded and active in Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Kosovo or Serbia;
  • Be directly responsible for preparing and managing the project;
  • Have an annual turnover under or equal to 50,000.00 EUR;
  • First-time recipients of EU grants from IPA programs, or with limited experience in participating in EU grants;
  • Have the management capacities, professional competencies and qualifications necessary to successfully implement proposed activities;

Project proposals must be written in English or one of the languages used in the Western Balkan (Serbian, Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian, Albanian, Macedonian and Montenegrian).

The project summary must be in English. 

Call issued on:

May 7, 2019 

Call closes on:

5 June 2019


 Documents necessary for applying are available here.

Applications sent via mail or email will not be taken into consideration.

Documents can be uploaded here.

 In order to promote the call, the Institute for Youth Development KULT will hold two info sessions in Sarajevo and Banja Luka, as follows:

21 May 2019, Sarajevo, EU Info Center at 12:00 pm.

22 May 2019, Banja Luka, Hotel Jelena at 12:00 pm.

In addition to the info sessions, questions may be asked via email.

Potential applicants can submit their questions to the project team by emailing to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. in English or the local language. Questions asked by phone or sent to other email addresses will not be responded to. All the questions and answers will be published on the www.web4yes.eu platform.

The deadline for asking questions in 10 day before the deadline.

More information about the call is available here.

WeB4YES poziv

The Institute for Youth Development KULT, within the initiative Western Balkan Civil Society Organizations for Youth Employment - WeB4YES, is inviting civil society organizations dedicated to youth work to take part in a two-day training on advocacy.

The training is a part of a larger program for supporting CSOs and building their capacities for active participation in the process of developing and changing public policies, especially ones aimed at improving youth employment rates. The next step will be issuing a call for funding organisations implementing projects focused on public advocacy and improving public policies.

The goal of the training is to build CSO capacities for implementing public advocacy activities aimed at employing youth and encouraging entrepreneurship, by providing them with the basic technical knowledge and skills related to advocacy and creating public policies.

The training will be held on March 25 and 26, 2019, and the hotel Hills in Sarajevo, starting at 1:30 pm.

The Institute for Youth Development KULT will cover the cost of organising the training, working materials and full board accommodation.

Application criteria

Eligible participants are exclusively CSOs dedicated to youth work, who meet some of the following criteria:

  • They have experience in the field of youth employment or entrepreneurship,
  • They work in remote and underdeveloped areas throughout BiH,
  • They are determined and motivated to get involved in the process of creating public policies and are willing to build their capacities.

Application deadline:

The call is open until Monday, March 11, 2019, 1:00 pm.

Submit applications:

- via an online form available at: http://mladi.org/myURL/javnozagovaranje

The text of the public call is available here.

NOTE: Please keep in mind that all applicants selected to participate will be notified via email by March 20, 2019, 4:30 pm.

Additional questions can be asked via email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., (Predmet/subject: Upit, 17.05.0-N2.1-297) or by phone: +387 33 778 762.

civilno drustvo i zagovaranje

The Institute for Youth Development KULT, as a part of the regional project WeB4YES – Western Balkan Civil Society Organisations for Youth Employment, conducted a two-day basic training on advocacy on March 25 and 26, 2019, at the Hotel Hills in Ilidža.

The training program was intended exclusively for civil society organizations dedicated to youth work, and experiences in youth entrepreneurship or employment, organizations active in the most remote and underdeveloped areas in BiH, and CSOs motivated and resolved to get involved in the process of creating public policies and building hteir capacities.

In accordance with the call and the criteria, participants were selected from 13 different CSOs active in the entire BiH, from the following local communities: Banja Luka, Bihać, Gornji Vakuf – Uskoplje, Sarajevo, Sokolac, Srebrenica, Travnik, Tuzla and Živinice.

The basic training on advocacy emphasized the need for active involvement of CSOs in the process of developing, implementing and changing public policies on youth employment. The second part was dedicated to the basics of advocacy, and included theory, practical examples, tasks and simulations, which required interaction by the participants.


Advocacy will be used to encourage amendments or adoption of legislation on youth employment and entrepreneurship in 2019, in BiH, Montenegro, Macedonia, Kosovo, Albania and Serbia. This was one of the conclusions from the partner meeting of the Initiative Western Balkan Civil Society Organization for Youth Employment, held in Belgrade on January 24 and 25, and attended by representatives of the Institute for Youth Development KULT.

Two-day trainings on advocacy campaigns and youth employability policies will be held for CSOs dealing with youth employability in all six partner countries in the Western Balkans. Projects of Western Balkans CSOs dealing with youth employability will be provided with funding.

WEB4JOBS is currently in the works - a platform that will provide youth with information and advice on job opportunities, internships, education and mobility in the Western Balkans. 

The Initiative WeB4YES will be implemented by the end of 2020, and is supported by the European Commission within the program “Empowering Civil Society and the Media 2016-2017, Regional Thematic Networks of CSOs”. 

The project is coordinated by the Belgrade Open School, and the project partners, in addition to the Institute are Association for Democratic Prosperity - ZID (Montenegro), NGO Lens (Kosovo), Association beyond Barriers (Albania), National Youth Council of Macedonia and the International Olof Palme Center (Sweden).

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