Startup businesses are, as a part of the Youth Startup Businesses Initiative, financed by the local communities and acknowledged as forms of small and medium enterprises that offer an opportunity for sustainable employment to the youth. The key role of small businesses in economic recovery and innovation has been acknowledged in the region as well. The sector of small and medium enterprises (SME) includes 99% of all the enterprises in the European Union (2 out of 3 workplaces belong to the sector). 9 out of 10 of these enterprises are mycro enterprises with less than 10 employees, that are encouraged by numerous initiatives.

The young enterpreneurs in BiH were given another opportunity to improve their enterprise, develop their ideas and connect with other enterpreneurs and investors. 25 startup businesses from BiH, with their teams and mentors, have the possibility to participate free of charge in one of the greatest international conventions on enterpreneurship and innovation in the Alpe-Adria region, that will be held on 13 and 14 May in Maribor (Slovenia), along with the option to participate free of charge in the post-conference event in Ljubljana. The organiser is the “Start:up” Slovenia Initiative.

Over 50 well-known regional and international speakers, along with 600 starters from over 10 countries participate in the conference every year. It is a unique event that offers a system networking and direct meetings with the investors. The five selected “start up” companies will have an additional opportunity for five-minute presentations in front of the present investors and jury members, as well as an opportunity to win prize money.

Those enterpreneurs who are interested should send two application forms in English (official language of the conference): announcement of interest (by 15 April) and application for PODIM Challenge (by 25 April 2015). For more information, click on the following link.


The Youth Employment Project (YEP), that is being realised with the support of the Switzerland Government, is organising the 7th Youth Employment Forum: „A Guarantee for the Youth“. The results of the local YEP initiatives will be presented in the Forum – the initiatives are a part of a pilot programme that ensured employment for 120 young people in 2014 through 13 NGOs in the partnership with public employment services.

A large number of representatives from the local institutions, employers, public employment services, NGOs, international donors and the youth will participate in the forum discussion. The 7th Forum on youth employment will be held on Thursday, on 12 March 2015, at 10 am in the Hotel Termag on Jahorina. The topic of the Forum is creating an opportunity for youth employment, and the task is to define the ways to support the youth, according to the example set by the Guarantee for the Youth Programme. With this programme the countries in the EU have taken the responsibility to ensure that a youth's application for unemployment will be turned into a quality opportunity for employment, training or additional education in the shortest time possible.

By presenting successful models in the Forum, answers to the following questions might be provided: is the realisation of such a programme possible in the conditions in Bosnia and Herzegovina; what resources are lacking for its realisation; how to develop the lacking resources; and how to ensure dedication, engagement and coordinated action of different actors? The recommendations of the Forum are supposed to provide directions on how to increase the number, successfulness and sustainability of the youth employment programme.

For more information, log on to



Pursuant to the Article 38 of the Statute of Novi Travnik Municipality ("Official Journal of Novi Travnik Municipality", No. 3/08), the Decision on criteria, form and procedures of awarding funds for financing youth startup businesses in the area of Novi Travnik Municipality("Official Journal of Novi Travnik Municipality", No. 814) an Agreement on Cooperation between Novi Travnik Municipality and the Institute for Youth Development KULT in relation to financing youth startup businesses by the local community, No. 01-49-1789/14 of 30 September 2014, the Chief of the Municipality issues


for financing youth start-up businesses


Who may apply?

The call relates to youth (adult natural persons to 35 years of age or a team of multiple natural persons) with residency in the area of Novi Travnik Municipality and who at the time of issuing the call have no registered firm, who have an interesting business idea and wish to realise it by starting their own business venture in the area of Novi Travnik Municipality. It is expected and encouraged for youth as well as teams gathered around a business idea to apply and participate in the call. The opportunity to realise the business plan increases if the business plan has all the relevant and realistic indicators of success. A team, or an individual applicant, may apply more business plans. The same person cannot be a member of multiple teams, or simultaneously apply an idea as an individual applicant and be a team member. 

Who may not apply?

The applications will not be considered from persons over 35 years of age and who have no residence in Novi Travnik Municipality. Incomplete and belated applications will not be taken to consideration.


The Public Call is opened from 20 January 2015 to 4 February 2015.


Municipal support

The Municipality will provide education during the public call for all those interested in filling out the application form and answer all the additional questions. The education will be held on Tuesday, 27 January 2015, in the Municipal Hall at 10 am.

You can find the Public Call on the Municipality website, with the application form, instruction to fill out the form and an example of a filled-out form. 


The Institute for Youth Development KULT is implementing activities within the initiative Youth startup businesses, intended to lower youth unemployment by introducing institutional mechanisms for providing unemployed youth interested in becoming entrepreneurs with support in the form of financial and advisory assistance. 9 youth startups have been funded so far, and 5 more municipalities participating in the project published public calls for funding more than 20 youth startups.

Representatives of the Institute for Youth Development KULT met with Mr ?uro Topi?, the Municipal Mayor of Orašje, to discuss the successful activities in the municipality, programmes which procured funding for 3 youth startups as part of the Youth Employment Projects. The Municipal Mayor and the Youth Officer were informed about the programme, goals and successful activities implemented thus far. Also discussed were programmes developed by the Municipality, funds for 2015 and problems youth in Orašje face. 

The Municipality of Orašje showed interest and willingness to help youth, particularly unemployed ones, to improve their position, and has therefore decided to join the initiative of the Institute.

We are hoping to successfully implement activities in the following period. 

Activity funded by the "Youth Employment Project" of the Government of Switzerland.


Pursuant to the Cooperation Agreement between the Isto?no Novo Sarajevo Municipality and the Institute for Youth Development KULT (No 01/I-013-1098/14 from September 30, 2014), the Budget of Isto?no Novi Sarajevo Municipality (Offical Gazette of the City Isto?no Sarajevo, No 13/14), the Municipal Mayor is publishing a

PUBLIC CALL for funding the best youth startup

The financial support provided by the Isto?no Novo Sarajevo Municipality is aimed at encouraging youth to start their own businesses. The implementation of these activities is undertaken by the Isto?no Sarajevo Municipality pursuant to strategic documents of the Municipality. This programme defines the details such as the right to participation, organization of the contest and the manner in which the best ideas will be selected, as well as signing contracts with those who decide to proceed with the implementation of the business plan they submitted.

Who is eligible?

All natural persons are eligible, whether individually or in teams, provided that at the time of the application they are not considered entrepreneurs, even if they previously were. All persons of legal age may apply, provided that they are not older than 35, that their registered place of residence is in Isto?no Novo Sarajevo, and that they have an interesting business idea they want to implement by starting their own business on the territory of Isto?no Novo Sarajevo municipality. Participation of teams of several young people is expected and encouraged. A business plan has a better chance of succeeding if it has relevant and realistic indicators of success. One team, or an independent applicant can apply with more than one business idea. The same person cannot be a member two teams, nor apply both independently and as a team.

Who is not eligible?

Persons over the age of 35 are not eligible. Incomplete applications of applications sent after the deadline will not be taken under consideration.

What type of idea can be presented in the form of a business plan?

The idea must be presented in the form of a business plan, pertaining to any area except trade and hospitality industries (unless the idea is original and related to tourism and domestic products), and the business must be started in Isto?no Novo Sarajevo. The idea should be presented in the form available for download at The applicants have the sole responsibility for the originality of the idea. The evaluation committee will evaluate the business plan in accordance with the determined criteria. Advantage will be given to unemployed applicants, team applications, with the proviso that the quality of submitted applications is approximately the same (up to 5%).

Stage 1

The public call will be open from December 25, 2014 to February 10, 2015.

Stage 2

The results of the public call will be published by February 17, 2015, followed by interviews and the final decision on signing the contract.

Stage 3

The contract will define the rights and obligations of the Isto?no Novo Sarajevo Municipality and the applicant.

Confidentiality of the submitted business plan

In order to protect all applicants and prevent the misuse of confidential information in the business plans, members of the evaluation committee, employees of Isto?no Novo Sarajevo Municipality and other persons included in implementing this programme are bound by obligations of confidentiality.

The Municipality will also provide an instruction session during which all candidates will be given instructions on completing the application form and will have an opportunity to ask additional  questions. The session will be held on February 2, 2015, in the hall of the Isto?no Novo Sarajevo Municipality, beginning at 11 am. Other sessions will be held as needed. The Isto?no Novo Sarajevo Municipality will provide financial support to one successful business by covering the registration expenses, part (or entire amount) of the rent cost for the first three years, and part (or entire amount) of contributions to healthcare and pension funds. If a business plan is considered viable, but the author is not willing to implement it, such a plan will be offered to others who may be interested in implementing it, and the author of the plan will be reimbursed. The Isto?no Novo Sarajevo Municipality will refer all other applicants with successful business plans to alternative funding sources.

Goals of the Public Call

Encourage an entrepreneurial spirit among youth, motivate students, inexperienced and creative individuals with innovative and implementable idea, training on the process of creating new business opportunities, enabling young people to start their own businesses.

Send applications in a sealed envelope with the name of the sender and a note: “Application to the Public Call for funding the best youth startup” to the following address: Opština Isto?no Novo Sarajevo, Stefana Nemanje br. 2, 71 123 Isto?no Novo Sarajevo or submit it yourself to the Municipality’s Protocol Office.


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