On September 5, 2014, in the new municipal hall of Tešanj Municipality, 9 young people signed contracts with the municipality, on funding for their start-up businesses. Tešanj Municipality has been successfully implementing their programme called Najbolje poslovne ideje mladih (Best Youth Business Ideas) for 4 consecutive years. This year the budget line for youth businesses amounts to 51.000 BAM. The fact that over the course of those four years, 46 new jobs have been created by 24 new young entrepreneurs, which speaks volumes about the success of the programme.

Present at the signing were Fuad Šiši?, President of the Municipal Assembly, Smajl Ramovi?, President of the Selection Committee, Mensur Krdžali?, President of the Biznis Centar Jelah trade association, and the the Youth Officer of Tešanj Municipality Mirnes Deduki?.

In addition to financial and advisory support, the municipality will provide all those who signed the contracts with a training course which will enable them to run their business in a successful and sustainable way. The Institute for Youth Development is cooperating with the Muncipality on developing a model for funding youth start-up businesses. 


Start-up youth businesses supported by local communities is one of the Institute for Youth Development initiatives aiming to tackle the growing youth unemployment in BiH. The initiative encourages creating of a sustainable support for young entrepreneurs by financing start-up businesses and local authorities involving youth entrepreneurship in their development strategies as a solution for new vacancies.

In order to facilitate establishing such an instrument for local communities, the Institute is creating a model of support for start-up youth businesses, with all the necessary patterns and other materials. The model will then be sent to local communities in order for those in charge to comment. Since Tešanj municipality is successfully implementing Best Business ideas for four consecutive years now, their practice will serve as a basis for the model.

This is why the Institute's representatives visited the youth issues officer of Tešanj municipality, one of the process managers in Tešanj on August 14. Mr Deduki? presented the entire process at the meeting, from public call to the publication of supported businesses.

The Institute will soon hold meetings with the representatives of all sectors included in the funds allocation and the monitoring of supported businesses at Tešanj municipality.


On July 14 2014, the Institute for Youth Development KULT signed the Agreement with the Youth Employment Project on implementing the initiative „Youth Start-Up Businesses Financed by the Local Communities“. As we are aware of the nonexistence of an efficient and sustainable support instrument for young entrepreneurs within the strategic documents of local communities and the issue of low rate of youth able to start their own business for a lack of a youth self-employment programme, information, counselling and financial support - we want to improve youth entrepreneurship support mechanism in at least 10 local communities in BiH and provide at least 15 new positions by initiating start-up businesses.  


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