Gračanica Publishes Public Call for Funding Youth Startups

Pursuant to Article 36 of the Statute of the Municipality of Gra?anica ("Official Gazette of Gra?anica municipality" No. 4/09) and the Cooperation Agreement between the Municipality of Gra?anica and the Institute for Youth Development KULT, regarding financial support to youth startup business provided by the local community, No. 02-05-04336-2014 of September 30, 2014, the Municipal Mayor is hereby publishing the


for funding the best youth startup

Financial support offered by the Municipality of Gra?anica to startup businesses is not just about competition, but aims to encourage youth to start their own businesses.

The organisation of these goals is undertaken by the Municipality of Gra?anica pursuant to the strategic documents of the Municipality. This programme defines the details such as right to participation, organisation of the contest and the manner in which the best ideas will be selected, as well as signing contracts for those who decide to proceed with the implementation of the business plan they submitted.

Detailed information about the public call, the application form, instructions, and an example of a completed application form are available here.

This activity is being implemented with the advisory and technical support of the Institute for Youth Development KULT as part of the "Youth Employment Project" of the Swiss government.


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