Requirements of Youth in IlidĹľa Municipality

The research and development of the analysis of the position of youth in IlidĹľa Municipality will soon begin.

The research will be realized in order to observe the actual state of the position of youth in this area based on which the Municipality of IlidĹľa will develop a Youth Strategy for the following period based on the results acquired.

The survey will focus on the opinions of youth, their requirements, position and problems, and it will refer to segments such as the educational status, position on the labor market, participation in public life, mobility and leisure time.

During the past two years and based on the 2014-2016 Youth Strategy, the Municipality of IlidĹľa has been enacting decisions and legislation that created a better environment for the lives of youth in this Municipality and thus expressed its readiness for a system work and improvement of the youth position. This strategy will continue in 2016, with simultaneous work on preparing a future strategy.


The Youth Strategy is in fact a document with a program approach to activities directed towards youth, which includes defining the problems and requirements of youth, strategic actions, and goals of the strategy and measures for realizing the aims of the Strategy.

Previous researches have indicated that youth require different forms of training and places in which they could express their creative abilities, as well as to the disadvantages of the labor market and the requirement to continue working with youth after they step out of the formal educational system.

The research and development of the analysis will be conducted with the support of the Institute for Youth Development KULT and the Youth Council of IlidĹľa Municipality, the members of which will be conducting the survey.


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