Step by Step to FBiH Youth Strategy

Adopting Youth Strategy, at all federal levels, is conditioned by Youth Law of FBiH, the implementation of which was initiated by the Institute for Youth Development KULT and which was adopted in June 2010.

The Government of FBiH is currently in the process of making the first strategic youth document in the entity. The process of developing Youth Strategy is coordinated by the Federal Ministry of Culture and Sports, and the Institute for Youth Development KULT was designated by a resolution from the FBiH governemnt to provide expert-advisory support in the process. The Analysis of States and Requirements of Youth in FBiH was conducted in 2013 by the Federal Ministry of Culture and Sports and by the Institute. The document was the basis for developing the Strategy. For understanding the position of youth and adopting a quality document of Youth Strategy, Working Group of FBiH Government that creates it has opened a dialogue with the addressees of the Strategy – youth of FBiH.

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At the event "Dialogue: Youth Strategy of FBiH", a dialogue between relevant institutions and organisations will be opened in 7 different thematic fields:

Work, employment and youth enterpreneurship

Youth education and training 

Youth social care 

Youth health care

Youth safety

Culture and sports

Activism (youth participation, volunteering and mobility)

The event is organised as a part of Strengthening Youth Structures project, with the support of the European Union and UNFPA.


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