Participants of the 14th generation of Learn, Think and Act! learned about making decisions and proposing initiatives during the segment of the training called Public advocacy and lobbying.

“I’m both happy and proud to be a part of a training such as UMiD. The second module, just like the first one, met all my expectations. This wouldn’t have been possible without the Institute’s great organisation skills and without other participants whose passion for change creates a positive energy that encourages us to support each other. Since we concluded that UMiD is a journey, we will now patiently wait to see what challenge the next module will bring.” - Mirza Mujdžić-Jojić.

umid14 dva

During the second module, the participants had a chance to talk to Admir Kapo, president of the Association “Buy and Use Quality BiH Products” who talked to the participants about the importance of buying BiH-made products.

The training Learn, Think and Act! is an officially recognised form of non-formal education which provides youth with an opportunity to develop different competencies that will help them be more competitive on the labour market. The program comprises seminars, practical exercises and voluntary work. UMiD is intended for youth under 30.

UMiD is a year-long training, that requires participants (youth leaders) to actively participate in implementing civil initiatives in their local communities.

Future youth leaders will meet again on march 21, 2019 at the Educational-Leisure Center for Youth SPAJALICA.

UMiDp 2

The political system of BiH was the topic of the first part of the Learn, Think and Act! training for the second generation of young participants. During 5 days, 26 participants from 12 different political parties from BiH learned about the elements they will need in their future political work.

The participants had an opportunity to talk to inspiring guests and see different topics from various perspectives. The guests were Igor Radojčić, Mayor of the City of Banja Luka and Aleksandar Trifunović, Editor-in-Chief of the news portal Buka.  

Upcoming trainings will be held in Konjic and Sarajevo, and will deal with creating a political image, and advocating and lobbying for addressing youth problems.

UMiDp 1

The goal of the training is to empower young members (18-30 years old) of various political parties registered in BiH to develop their political careers and work on improving the position of youth in BiH.

The training in Banja Luka was held from February 6 to February 10, 2019.


Responsible young politicians affect change and create a better life for youth in Bosnia and Herzegovina. This was one of the messages from the “Learn, Think and Act!” for Young Political Leaders (UMiDp) for the second generation of participants, which started today in Banja Luka.

Over the next five days, the training will be attended by 26 young politicians from twelve different political parties from across Bosnia and Herzegovina, whose goal is to place youth issues at the top of the political list of priorities in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

“Changes are already taking place. Young politicians from the first generation of participants are already making change happen in their communities, and that is precisely the aim and intention of this training – to work with youth who will act as responsible citizens and harbingers of change” - said Nejra Neimarlija Roić from the Institute for Youth Development KULT.


UMiD for young political leaders (UMiDp) is the Institute’s program for young people from different political parties, who take part in three 5-day modules and learn about navigating the political system in BiH, creating a political image, and about political advocacy and negotiating to address young people’s problems and needs. Through active work and lobbying the government, they will solve some of the problems faced by youth in their communities, and set an example for young people and politicians about the importance of political participation and action.

“I want to improve my political image, advance, learn to work more efficiently. I will share my experience from the training with my colleagues, and I plan on launching initiatives in Visoko and the Zenica-Doboj Canton, because young people in my local community are facing a lot of challenges that we can and should overcome if we want to keep youth in the country and harness their potential” - said Rejhana Numanović, training participant.

Upcoming trainings will be held in Konjic and Sarajevo. Through this initiative, the Institute is aiming to spotlight youth issues and show that politics is a concrete discipline whose mechanisms can benefit youth in their everyday life.

The training is conducted by the Institute for Youth Development KULT with the support of the Embassy of Sweden in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Umidp Anes Krsic

Anes Kršić wanted to change the BiH society for the better, and be a responsible citizen. He recognised political engagement as one of the ways for a young person to improve the society. He wanted to do better than his predecessors, so he decided to never stop learning. He decided to build on his knowledge by taking part in UMiD for Young Political Leaders (UMiDp), the Institute’s program for young political leaders from various parties in BiH. During 3 five-day modules, young politicians learn about navigating the political system in BiH, creating a political image and political advocacy and negotiation to address youth needs and problems.  

Life before and after UMiD for Young Political Leaders… What changed?

I can confidently say that this training changed the way I think. Mogu reći da mi se način razmišljanja prije i način razmišljanja poslije obuke UMiDp promijenio. Drugačije posmatram i pratim ono sto se dešava u mojoj lokalnoj zajednici, ali i generalno  u BiH.

Why is additional education and experience important for young politicians?

Unfortunately, some BiH politicians lack even proper formal education, much less non-formal education. Politicians should continuously work on their education.

Additional education isn’t important just for politicians, it’s important for all citizens, especially young people. It’s important because non-formal education lets you meet people from all over BiH and the world, we make connections and new friends, we visit cities we hadn’t been to before, and, most importantly, we get the knowledge and experience that will definitely be of use to us whether in politics or any other sector that a young person may gravitate to in the future.  

anes2 1

Are there things you wouldn’t have done or supported politically before the training, that you now view differently?

Before the training I thought some problems can solve themselves, but now I know that if we don’t get up and get going, nothing will be solved.

What will you be focusing on in your political engagement?

I, just like any other young politician, and any older politician as well, actually, should pay more attention to children and youth, given how many are leaving this country.

The best thing that happened to me during the training was…?

I met people who don’t judge you for your political affiliation, your name, your nationality. I also met inspiring lecturers and trainers who selflessly shared their knowledge and experience with us. That’s the best thing that could have happened to me during this training.

Can young people’s political engagement bring change?

Of course it can! We know that BiH has plenty of political parties, and they are a channel that can be used by youth to make sure their voices are heard, their rights respected, they can launch initiatives and propose solutions. Being in politics is only one of the ways we can start changing things for the better, which is why I believe every young person should join a political party.

umid14 2

On January 24, 26 young people from 20 communities from across BiH started the training Learn, Think and Act! (UMiD). They are the 14th generation of the training, that has thus far been attended by 300 young people from across BiH.

Teamwork was the topic of the first part of the training these young people will be attending for the following year.

These are young people from 18 to 30 years of age who believe in non-formal education, resolved to create a better environment in their communities. These young people started the training with copious amounts of motivation and interest, and shared their expectations.

umid14 2

“I’m happy and honored to be a part of such a high-quality and comprehensive training such as UMiD. I had very high expectations, and I’m happy to say they have already been met in the first module. I think we worked together as a team since the first few hours of the training, but the topics we learned about helped us improve and define the roles we have, or want to have, in the team. The conclusion we all reached is that we boarded a train and started an adventure. I can’t wait to see how far we can go in the following year.” Zorana Tovilović, Banja Luka.

The next topics young participants will learn about is public advocacy and lobbying, during a module that will be held from February 14 to February 16, 2019 at the Educational-Leisure Center for Youth SPAJALICA.

biznisi stari grad

Youth from Stari Grad presented their business ideas on January 10, 2019 at the Municipality Stari Grad. These are potential candidates for participating in the Entrepreneurial Fund for Youth.

All candidates who took part in the presentations of business ideas met the legal and formal conditions stipulated in the Public call for funding and co-funding the best business plans with joint funds from the Municipality Stari Grad Sarajevo and the Institute for Youth Development KULT.

Potential businesses include IT, the hospitality industry and trades. What is particularly encouraging is that many young people are interested in implementing their idea and have the courage to try their hand at entrepreneurship.

In cooperation with the Municipality Stari Grad Sarajevo, the Institute for Youth Development KULT will, in addition to financial support, provide the candidates with advisory support and mentorship, which will help them improve the marketability and the technical aspects of their brand, thus making them recognizable on the market and allowing them to earn a livelihood. The selected business idea will start the implementation stage in the first quarter of 2019.

As a part of the program ‘Strengthening Skills and Encouraging Leadership in Youth for Active Participation in Democratic Processes” which provides comprehensive support in improving youth policies (with employment as one of the key issues for youth), the Institute for Youth Development KULT, in cooperation with 8 local communities started the Entrepreneurial Fund for Youth. The program is supported by the Embassy of the Kingdom of Sweden.

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