Kids from the School of Friendship gathered funds for their peers from the Children's Home Bjelave through a humanitarian exhibition in which they sold their artwork. The money, that will be handed on Thursday, will be invested in buying school supplies for one first-grade student. 

The first humanitarian exhibition of the attendants of the School of Friendship was held in front of the Educational-Leisure Centre for Youth SPAJALICA and was very successful, according to the kids and their parents. 

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Attendants of The School of Friendship are preparing their first art exhibition sale that will be held at the Educational-Leisure Centre for Youth SPAJALICA on Saturday, 1 August at 10:00. The exhibition is of a humanitarian type. The kids will sell their artwork on the topic of friendship and all the income will be donated by SPAJALICA to the Home for Children without Parental Care Bjelave. The funds will be invested in buying first-graders materials for the new school year.

This humanitarian exhibition is inspired by the International Day of Friendship celebrated on 30 July since 2011. UN introduced it with a vision that friendship among people, countries, cultures and individuals can create peace and build bridges between communities.








Around 60 students from all parts of Bosnia and Herzegovina are currently having fun and being educated at 2015 IlidĹľa Summer Camp being held at the Educational-Leisure Centre for Youth SPAJALICA. IlidĹľa Summer Camp is a joint project of the Local Team Sarajevo Association of High School Students in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Students' Council of the Fourth Gymnasium in IlidĹľa.

SPAJALICA welcomed students from Sarajevo and different towns in Bosnia and Herzegovina such as Tuzla, Banja Luka, Lukavac, Kalesija, Cazin, Živinice and others.

During Camp, which lasts from 20-24 July, the students will participate in different workshops and educational lectures focusing on topics such as writing a CV and a project proposal, and they will work together on developing a rulebook on activities of Students' Council being designed by ASuBiH at the level of Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

Also, the participants had fun with expert psychologists and participated in thematic psychological workshops which the students claimed to be very fun. Besides, the participants of this year's Camp will be given an opportunity to hear about the cultural and historical significance of the Municipality of IlidĹľa.

Besides having fun and educating high school students, the aim of 2015 IlidĹľa Summer Camp is for the young people from all over the country to gather, socialise and exchange positive experiences. This aim, according to the organisers, was fulfilled.

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Kids from The School of Friendship attended a lecture at the Educational-Leisure Centre for Youth SPAJALICA today on the topic "Hot Weather Protection and Healthy Diet". The lecture for 36 children was held by Medical Doctors Seniha ?elik and Anika Ĺ andrk who emphasized to the children the importance of a healthy diet, particularly during high weather temperatures. They explained to the kids that fizzy drinks are not healthy, and neither is fatty or spicy food.

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The lecture lasted for 30 minutes and the children actively participated in the discussion and expressed great interest for the topic. The children learned today that it is very important, particularly during hot weather such as this, to drink lots of liquid, to avoid direct exposure to the sun and to wear bright clothes. Also, they listened about first aid treatment of insect bites with great interest and shared their experiences. 

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Dear parents of children from the School of Friendship, we hereby infrom you that we are organising new acivities with the Superbus Team from the SOS Kinderdorfs of Bosnia and Herzegovina for the attendants of the School of Friendship.

The Superbus is a mobile-educational programme of the SOS Kinderdorfs BiH organisation that acts as a social centre on wheels and whose team provides a quality implementation of leisure time for children from all over Bosnia and Herzegovina in accordance with pedagogical aims.

The Superbus uses playing as its basic learning method. Through play, children learn about the world around them, discover their options, develop creativity and imagination, learn empathy and team work and build confidence and self-respect. Playing is the basis for acquiring motoric, social, emotional and cognitive skills.

The content of workshops in SPAJALICA will be adjusted to younger children and focus on cooperation games and creativity. The workshops will be held on 9 and 16 July at the park in front of the Educational-Leisure Centre for Youth SPAJALICA, and if it rains, they will be held in SPAJALICA.

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