Today the kids from the School of Friendship attended an interesting and useful workshop. The workshop was held by Elma Ĺ abanovi? and Aida Gogi? of the Dog Trust Organisation. The topic of the workshop was "Responsible Ownership; Safety nearby Dogs, Needs of Dogs". There were 28 children who attentively listened and actively participated in the conversation with the lecturers. The kids listened about important points of owning a dog, taking care of a dog and safety nearby dogs. 

The star of the workshop was a stuffed toy named Scooby that also participated in the lecture. The children were given flyers with important instructions for owning dogs, along with stickers and pendants. The ground rule that the children acquired is: "Never approach an unfamiliar dog". Many kids from the School of friendship expressed interest in veterinary medicine and one attendant demonstrated the role of a veterinarian. 





In less than two months, on 20 September 2015, at 9 am in front of BBI Centre in Sarajevo, Sarajevo Half-Marathon will start for the ninth time. The organisers say that they expect at least 1500 runners this year. Some of them have been preparing at the Running School "Klix" for the first marathon in their lives. The trainers and attendants of the Running School "Klix" talked about the preparations- physical, but also mental ones, about the humanitarian character of the race and their expectations.

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"All attendants of the Running School so far have passed the finish line of the Sarajevo Half-Marathon" - stated Erol Mujanovi?, the Director of the Association "Marathon" Sarajevo. He also adds that it is the evidence that a person can accomplish almost anything through hard work and effort. 

Sarajevo Half-Marathon has become one of the most famous athletic events in Bosnia and Herzegovina in the last 9 years. Last year, over 1200 runners from 32 countries participated in the half-marathon. "This year we expect even more participants" - they emphasize from the Association. They add that this year the half-marathon will have a great humanitarian character. "In collaboration with the Institute for Youth Development KULT, we organised a humanitarian action "Run for a Cause, towards a Cause!" that aims to gather funds for supporting youth projects that were selected at the Institute for Youth Development KULT - the School of Friendship and the Educational-Leisure Centre for Youth SPAJALICA" - emphasized Erol Mujanovi?, the Director of the Association "Marathon" Sarajevo.

The guests of the Educational-Leisure Centre for Youth SPAJALICA were interested in how they could participate in the humanitarian action and support youth projects. They also asked about the organisation of this athletic event.

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In the end of our session, the NGO "Marathon" Sarajevo thanked to all the attendants of the Running School, since, as they claim, they helped them fulfil their goal. Which is, they add, to see more BiH citizens take up running.

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Erol Mujanovi?, the Director of Association "Marathon" Sarajevo, and the trainers of the Running School "KLIX", are the guests of the monthly session "Coffee Time with" which will be held on Saturday, 8 August at the Educational-Leisure Centre for Youth SPAJALICA.

Association "Marathon" Sarajevo has been realising the race since 2007, which back then celebrated the Car-Free Day, and today developed in the Sarajevo Half-Marathon, one of the most important athletic contests that gathers a great number of runners from all over the world. In order to promote sports and a healthy lifestyle, the Association initiated a Running School that primarely focuses on teaching its attendants the basic rules of running, but also prepares all those willing for participation at the Sarajevo Half-Marathon.

More information about the advantages of this sport, improving living quality through running, the upcoming Half-Marathon and the humanitarian aspect of the event, will be disclosed during the "Coffee Time with" session with the Running School "KLIX". 

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The first humanitarian action in which the kids from The School of Friendship participated was indeed a success. Having sold almost all of their artwork at the fund-raising exhibition at SPAJALICA, the kids raised money which they donated to the Children's Home Bjelave today. The funds will be invested in buying school supplies for one girl. Besides the funds they raised, the kids presented their peers with gifts in toys and clothes. It was a happy day, filled with games, fun and laughter.

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Kids from the School of Friendship gathered funds for their peers from the Children's Home Bjelave through a humanitarian exhibition in which they sold their artwork. The money, that will be handed on Thursday, will be invested in buying school supplies for one first-grade student. 

The first humanitarian exhibition of the attendants of the School of Friendship was held in front of the Educational-Leisure Centre for Youth SPAJALICA and was very successful, according to the kids and their parents. 

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