On commemoration of the International Children's Rights Day, at the Educational-Leisure Centre for Youth SPAJALICA, a workshop was held on topic "Children's Rights and Responsibilities". 


The attendants of The School of Friendship hosted their peers from the Disciplinary Centre for Minors. Through an educational workshop, children were introduced with their basic rights - the right to survive, developmental rights, rights to participate and the right of protection. Also, the children encountered the fact that there are certain responsibilities related to every right, which they have to fulfil. After the workshop, games, dancing and fun were organised for the kids. This, very important day for them, was spent with smiles on their faces and the attendants of The School of Friendship were clearly excited to have met new friends. The aim of the workshop was to encourage children to recognise the importance of protecting their rights and the area of their own responsibility in protecting those rights.  


The International Children's Rights Day has been commemorated since 1989 all over the world. 








"I remember the very beginning; I suddenly lost weight and increased my fluids intake. My mom asked me if I was alright, and I said I was, because I had no idea what was happening in my organism. Teachers kept asking me why I was sleepy at school and some stated that I appeared to be tired. I had diabetes. My first insulin intake was extremely difficult, my parents could not explain to me how I should apply my treatment, but one gets used to everything in time. The most important thing is to accept diabetes as a best friend; I often told my friends, when I carried insulin in my bag, that I was literary carrying my life in my hands. Today, when I use an insulin pump that regulates blood sugar, I literary say that I carry my life in my pocket."  

This is the story of Emina Jusupovi? that was diagnosed with diabetes at the age of 13. In the last couple of years, more children and youth have been diagnosed with the same illness in our country. It is estimated that over 300,000 people have this disorder in our country and it is feared that the number is even greater, since experiences demonstrate that there is one undiagnosed on every registered diabetic.   

A lecture about diabetes that aimed to inform youth and the wider public on the great imporatance of a timely diagnosis of this illness was held for the students of the High School of Graphic Technologies at the Educational-Leisure Centre for Youth SPAJALICA. The lecture was held by Emina Jusupovi?, a student of the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics in Sarajevo. 

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What is diabetes?  

 â€“ Diabetes is a chronic, incurable system metabolic disorder, characterised by a permanent increase in blood glucose level.  

– It is mostly conditioned by genetic factors and is a result of a decrease in secretion or decrease in biological efficiency of the insuline hormone, or the combination of the two factors. 

– Today, diabetes is considered to be one of the most widespread endocrinological diseases, with a continually rising prevalence. 

– It is a consequence of the modern lifestyle and an increase in a number of etiological factors, particularly obesity. 

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Students of the High School of Graphic Technologies, Design and Multimedia attended a workshop on topic "Processes and Actors in the Political System" instead of attending the usual Democracy and Human Rights class. The Institute for Youth Development KULT in collaboration with the Municipality of IlidĹľa, through activities from Youth Strategy, held the workshop aiming to introduce the students with important topics about which they usually do not have the opportunity to listen. According to Selma Suljevi? from the Institute for Youth Development KULT, the students are introduced with the elections system in Bosnia and Herzegovina. "We discussed elections, general and local, which are held in our country. Through interaction with the students, we discussed the actors that are involved in the elections and their role" - says Selma Suljevi? from the Institute for Youth Development KULT. She adds that the students, after the short lecture, personally experienced the different roles of actors in the election process. "Having heard the general information, the students were divided into 3 groups. The first group was the political parties, the second represented the civil society, and the third was the media. Thus, through a practical simulation, they learned a lot" - concluded Selma Suljevi?. 

The aim of the held workshop was to indicate to youth to the decission-making process in the BiH institutions and thus help them with involving themselves in social trends. All for the purpose of turning them into active members of the civil society. 

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The attendants of The School of Friendship visited the Children’s Fair in the Mirza Delibaši? Hall at Skenderija during the previous weekend. The boys and girls attended the greatest children’s party of the region. 

Numerous presenters opened their colourful stands with creative content for children and parents and special discounts for their quality products and services. Associations such as Pomozi.ba, Duga (The Rainbow), SOS Kinderdorfs and others presented to parents and all visitors their noble projects. The kids were particularly excited for the mascots. Their attention was especially drawn by creative workshops of publicly relevant institutions such as the police, firefighters, doctors and rescue services. They used their special vehicles, uniforms and numerous drills to cause excellent reactions of all boys and girls. 

The attendants of The School of Friendship participated in sports games and creative workshops and created drawings to win adequate prizes. 

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The guest of this month’s session of “Coffee Time with…” that will be held on Thursday, 29 November at 3:30 pm, is Mr. Edward Ferguson, the Ambassador of Great Britain in Bosnia and Herzegovina.


Mr. Ferguson has been in position of the Ambassador of Great Britain in Bosnia and Herzegovina since August 2014.

The Ambassador came to Bosnia and Herzegovina from a country rich in history and culture and tourist attractions. This is the first time that Edward Ferguson, the Ambassador of Great Britain in BiH, is performing the duty of an Ambassador. Prior to arriving to our country, he worked as the Chief of the Department of Strategy, in charge of organising the armed forces and in the Ministry of Defence of the United Kingdom as a Advisor to the Minister in matters of military operations, first in Iraq and then in Afghanistan.

Coffee Time with Edward Ferguson, the Ambassador of Great Britain in BiH, will be held on Thursday, 29 November at 3.30 pm, at the Educational-Leisure Centre for Youth SPAJALICA. Welcome!


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