How to Stop and Prevent Peer Violence?

The third in a series of lectures of the Disciplinary Center was held at the Educational-Leisure Center for Youth SPAJALICA. 

Representatives of the Disciplinary Center for Minors discussed the methods of stopping and preventing peer violence with students of High School of Graphic Technology, Design and Multimedia and the Fourth Gymnasium.  

predavaje 2

Representatives of the Disciplinary Center for Minors emphasized that it was necessary to initate the cadre strengthening of educational institutions so that every school has its pedagogist, psychologist and social worker in order for them to act preventively on all forms of peer violence and juvenile deliquency. 

The Disciplinary Center for Minors is an institution that focuses on preventing peer violence and every other form of violence, and as a part of preventive activities, they organize educational and disciplinary measures and individual preventive treatments related to the population of youth expressing risky forms of behavior but who have not committed an offensive or criminal act yet.  


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