International Children's Rights Day

On commemoration of the International Children's Rights Day, at the Educational-Leisure Centre for Youth SPAJALICA, a workshop was held on topic "Children's Rights and Responsibilities". 


The attendants of The School of Friendship hosted their peers from the Disciplinary Centre for Minors. Through an educational workshop, children were introduced with their basic rights - the right to survive, developmental rights, rights to participate and the right of protection. Also, the children encountered the fact that there are certain responsibilities related to every right, which they have to fulfil. After the workshop, games, dancing and fun were organised for the kids. This, very important day for them, was spent with smiles on their faces and the attendants of The School of Friendship were clearly excited to have met new friends. The aim of the workshop was to encourage children to recognise the importance of protecting their rights and the area of their own responsibility in protecting those rights.  


The International Children's Rights Day has been commemorated since 1989 all over the world. 








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