Training on the Basics of Project Writing

Basic Project Writing Training is intended for those who want to acquire the knowledge, skills and experience necessary for writing projects.

Writing project proposals is one part of the initiation and planning process. It plays a very important role since without a proposal there can be no project. Project writing trainings focused on one donor are very frequent. However, we believe that these trainings do not provide the participants with a clear understanding of the process of developing a project idea, which then results in the participants feeling confused and unsure. Our job is to teach you how to shape a project idea into any type of project application.
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More information about the content of the seminar is available below and in the Seminar Guide:


Who is this training for?

Organizations and institutions whose funding depends on projects

Management of non-governmental institutions and educational institutions

Aspiring business owners who want to develop a new idea or product

Individuals who are planning to launch an initiative or project

Project managers

Students and others interested in writing project proposals

Seminar topics

Defining a project - what a project is and is not

Types of projects

Causes and consequences of a problem or need

Vision and impact of the project - what improvements will the project bring?

Outcomes and goals of the project

Project results and deliverables


Project activities

Project resources (budget, staff, etc.)

Assumptions and risks

Project scope

Theory of change

Logical framework

Reading public calls for projects

Examples of public calls and project applications

Advice during the project writing process

Training outcomes

Training participants:

  1. are able to describe their project idea on one to two pages
  2. are able to recognize problems or needs that their project can target
  3. are able to describe the change that the project is intended to achieve
  4. are able to write concrete and specific goals and outcomes that the project is intended to achieve
  5. are able to define the project results and deliverables
  6. describe activities that will lead to the desired results
  7. are able to recognize project risks and assumptions in project performance
  8. are able to use previous learning outcomes to develop a theory of change or a logframe matrix
  9. are able to interpret public calls for submitting project applications
  10. have acquired experience in analyzing project applications
  11. have a general idea of what the process of applying to public calls looks like

What the seminar provides

A professional, interactive three-day training

Working with examples, including those provided by participants

Working materials and presentations

Feedback on take-away assignments

Answers to questions

Online support for a month after the training


What the seminar does not provide

Funds for implementing the project

Written project

Working on the methodology of one donor

Who is organizing the seminar?

Profectus d.o.o. is a social enterprise of the Institute for Youth Development KULT, which offers professional education, counseling and research services.

The Institute for Youth Development KULT is an organization that has been developing and advocating for legal and other strategic solutions for 17 years, and building the capacities of associations and the government in BiH and the region, for a successful and sustainable youth policy. The Institute has developed more than 800 project proposals, and has implemented over 300 projects and programs.

MESC offers professional services in the field of monitoring, evaluation and advisory support for government institutions, non-governmental organizations and enterprises, using modern and widely accepted methods, and in compliance with current norms and standards. It helps its clients improve their programs by introducing specifically quality and impact assurance systems tailored to their needs.

Other information

You can apply here.

Seminar fee: 389 EUR for a three-day interactive training (the fee includes: training, materials, take-away assignments feedback, online support, refreshments) Early bird discount for applicants who pay by September 9, 2019. More information is available here.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Tel.: +387 33 778 778

Do you need an invoice? Do you want to pay through a bank transfer? Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The fee will not be refunded in case of cancellation.

The number of places is limited. Precedence is given to applicants who pay the fee first.

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Mission and vision

The mission of the Institute for Youth Development KULT is to create and advocate legal and other strategic solutions, as well as to build and strengthen the capacities of associations and governmental authorities in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the region, for a successful and sustainable youth policy.

Our vision is an open society with the empowered citizens who participate in all decision-making processes in public life.

Strategy and challenges

Others about KULT

Smatramo da je rad Instituta izuzetno uspješan i prepoznatljiv po svojim aktivnosti u cijeloj BiH. Važna komponenta je što su aktivnostima obuhvaćene sve sredine kako u F BIH tako i u RS -u a vezano za praćenje realizacije projekata kroz monitoring koji provodi Institut. Važan aspekt je i medijsko praćenje pomenutih aktivnosti koji su ujedno i promocija rada Instituta.“ – Sejo, korisnik usluga Instituta.

Sve pohvale za Institut jer ste zaista institucija i samo tako nastavite.“ - Centar za mlade INPUT, Zenica

Dugujemo veliku zahvalnost Organizaciji KULT u podršci stvaranju strateških kapaciteta UG "Zajedno". Kao UG čija je misija bolja zaštite mentalnog zdravlja mentalno oboljelih, cijenimo da je u kontekstu postojećih vrijednosti, slabosti u obrazovanju i loših navika, mentalno zdravlje mladih i djece ugroženo i da treba više raditi na preventivnim programima za ovu populaciju.“ - UG "Zajedno“

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